FISH, FISH…..SLEEP, FISH…. A kiwi at heart Art was born in New Zealand and moved to the states when he was about 9. Art has been in the woods and on the water from a early age and can thank his dad for his passion of the outdoors fishing hunting camping etc. He started fly fishing in Wi where he grew up with the first fish on a fly being a king salmon out of lake Michigan  instantly the tug was the drug…….. the addiction began. Mt just seemed like the right place for a trout crazed youth and he came out as soon as he turned 18 . Now after years not much has changed besides the fact that hunting, hockey, snowboarding, camping, everything else seems to have faded out of Arts life.  Following trout from WI,Mt,Ak down to South America Chile in the winter, Art guides almost year round and has been for the past 7 years. he enjoys watching you catch fish almost as much as fishing himself when he’s not on the river you can find him in the shop or huddled over a vise with beer or coffee in hand creating the next great dragon slayer (streamer).  Come on in he is always happy to talk fishing or help with whatever your adventure may require!!!!!!